We have a passion for compelling people to grow and develop.

We help you increase employee engagement, retention, wellbeing and culture.


How You Benefit

Our New Leader program participants share with us their promotions as a result of their confidence and competence increase.

Teambuilding sessions result in an increase in collaboration, wellbeing and engagement.

Courageous and curious conversation sessions enable teams to deal with conflict with less interventions from HR.

Self Leadership Series

Productivity and Prioritisation

Make the most of your cognitive capacity

Develop a work and home rhythm

Develop critical thinking skills

Productivity and Prioritisation

Manage distractions

Become productive rather than busy

Apply the time quadrant tool

Manage your mode of thinking for organisation

Develop time management strategies

Be Confident, Be Compelling

Present with persuasion and credibility

Develop positive internal scripts

Project voice and energy face to face and virtually

Be Confident, Be Compelling

Facilitate meetings authentically

Handle questions professionally and use technology seamlessly

Negotiate and influence positively

Banish imposter syndrome

Overcoming Overwhelm

Recognise burnout indicators

Build strategies to support wellbeing

Develop a mental energy schedule

Overcoming Overwhelm

Explore the body and mind link

Develop resilience

Identify values and drivers of behaviour

Understand influences on mindset

Be Curious, Be Courageous

Develop deep self awareness

Increase emotional intelligence

Have brave

Be Curious, Be Courageous

Apply embodied listening

Develop assertiveness

Provide feedback with clarity and confidence

Develop curiosity through questioning

Team Collaboration Sessions

Creating Culture

Develop a vision and purpose

Build strong team relationships

Creating Culture

Share team strengths and develop connections

Participate in dynamic team building activities that challenge and stretch

Establish rhythms and ways of working

Dissolving Drama

Appreciate differences and biases

Understand the brains response to threat

Dissolving Drama

Explore relational and transactional conflict

Detach ego from ideas

Understand conflict triggers

Resolve conflict positively

First Time Leader

Develop people management skills

Build a high performing team

First Time Leader


Become outcome focused rather than output

Participate in development conversations

Coach and motivate staff

Navigate change and transition

Organisational Effectiveness

Transformational Leadership

Authentic Service Delivery

Organisational Effectiveness

Strategy workshops

Collaborative sales and account management

Supporting change

Leadership development

Cultural transformation

Executive Development

Ready to get started?

Momentum Collective, a not for profit disability services provider, engaged Neucoach over a period of 18 months. 

“The aim was to develop and design a people management skills program to uplift the capability of first line managers.  Neucoach designed a program which had 3 main focus areas Managing Self, Managing Others and Managing Work.  We had short sharp sessions with all our teams to support each focus area.  The sessions covered topics from emotional intelligence and performance management to building high performing teams. 

Neucoach’s facilitation was practical, inspiring and authentic.  The program delivery model was a combination of face to face workshops, virtual learning and one to one coaching.  Quarterly overviews were facilitated to the Executive team which ensured modelling of the behaviours at all levels of the organization.”


Momentum Collective

Maryann Groth, Director People Culture and Change